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1 - Calligraphic work

Dutch for: 'One out of three marriages ends on our frontpage.'
Handwritten text for a billboard and 2page spread promoting a gossip magazine (1996/97).

Logo for Nightshop Amsterdam (1983, almost 20 years in use)
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top2 - Typeface design

My typeface AuraScript was available worldwide as a LETRASET transfer typeface from 1982 to ± 1994. It is based on ten years' sketches of a typeface Aura (later re-designed and renamed Aura Sanscript, see right side).

Various varieties of the Aura range are rough-designed but never published.

Sketches of several new typeface designs available.

copyright 1973-2008

top 3 - Corporate Design, Logo's

In 1999 and onwards, Typos worked on an assignment for a campaign promoting a stronger involvement and self-determination of clients who are challenged mentally (in dutch: Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg). This was a result of a strong advice of the Minister of Health to give more responsibility to clients or patients in general. Consequently, most have now a say how to spend a substantial part of their allocated maintenance budget.

The kick-off was a brochure which announced a contest to find worthy projects for this new venture within exactly the targeted audience. The given slogan was: 'Nooit geschoten is altijd mis' (roughly translated: 'To never shoot is always to miss'). To absolutely not draw the attention to shooting, I chose a stock illustration of an archer pair.

With a minimal budget, we managed to print full-color folders with inlay, flyers, announcement posters, and certificates.

This work resulted in an invitation to present proposals for an upstart: an information center for advice and referral for mentally challenged and their surroundings. The name was devised INFORMENTAAL, and to facilitate an easy reading of the relatively long word, the logo got a distinct typographical look (Eric Gill's Perpetua typeface) in two colors only, with an additional element.

Logo and name developed for SENWAVE, a Dutch consulting and counseling organisation (1998 onwards). This name was researched with the intent to be unique, short and descriptive - for a new company that will have a broad field of activities. Special consideration was paid in respect of registering it for the Internet as a .com domain. See (in preparation)

Folder Feng Shui, design and DTP, 1998
An 'obscure' concept originating from China/Japan is here translated in everyday-language (Punchline: Energy in Harmony)


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The site will be actualized from time to time with a new TYPOGRAP (grap is joke in Dutch, therefore a typographical joke), based on a famous logo, preferably in connection with actuality or a news-worthy item. 



The first TYPOGRAP (although not typical for the ones to come) is a letter sent to Apple e-News (bi-weekly electronic mail newsletter of Apple Computer) on Friday 5th May 2000, around 14:30 hrs local time (here a slightly revised version)

Dear friends at Apple e-news

By sheer actuality, you could hit a big score at this very moment.
Let me explain:

As you know, the very devastating virus 'I Love You' hits computers all over the world right now. In some countries, it is reported, some 50% of (especially government) computers are severely affected.
One of the conditions for the virus to spread is... a Windows environment.

Gloating is not a favorable trait, i rather would use a positive sentence like:

Sometimes it pays to not follow the masses.

One condition for spreading this virus is the use of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, therefore i would particularly promote Netscape browsers. For instance like this:
And a not so original Pay-off iLoveYou Mac

(Due to the quick action, this is but a sketch. Nevertheless: Got the point?)

Audio allows to include further features, like the pestering superhit of the Eighties by Yello: I Love You (preferably in a long version of seven minutes).

Amsterdam is celebrating the Liberation Day (a National Holiday), therefore it was not possible to reach Apple's PR or their advertising agency. As the weekend is coming, Monday would then be the first chance to present this idea, too late to benefit from an extraordinary impact.

So i turn to you. Could you produce a special Apple eNews issue in the next few hours, and send it to the millions(?) of subscribers?

Actuality at its top. Be advised to not mention at all 'I LOVE YOU' in the subject line though, or the mail might be deleted unread instantly!

Greetings, yours sincerely

Freed Schmitter
Typos Concepts


TYPOGRAP 2 - Germany East and West (October 2000)

The German re-union came completely unexpected at the end of 1989 and started a series of changes unseen to that date. The fall of the Berlin Wall and later the crumbling of the Iron Curtain has become unstoppable. - Little known is the work of some people who foresaw this 10 years earlier. A good friend of mine who is connected to Findhorn, the famous spiritual community in Scotland, came around 1981 in the possession of an extraordinary piece of precious stone. He saw in it a representation of the 'Spirit of Europe'. Reflecting intensively on this, he was directed to the place where healing was most urgently needed, namely Berlin. For many years he went to there sitting closeby the Wall, and meditated it away.
Several years ago, i sketched the following visual comment (first published today 15th October 2000) based on the former carsigns of the two German parts:

for more work examples, see page: WORK 2
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