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4 - Neon design

Neon sign for an Amsterdam Grand Café (1989 up to present). Logo and sign design preparation.

top 5 - Handwritten texts

Congratulations to Mike van Diem and First Floor Features for winning an Oscar on 23rd March 1998 (best foreign movie) with the impressive, pictoral Dutch movie: KARAKTER. - Writing several documents in a 1900-style handwriting was my much enjoyed contribution for it (of which the testament where i sign 'vader' is shown but in the very last minute...).


Another contribution was a handwritten contract as a requisite for a well-crafted Dutch TV-series
'Wij Alexander'.


A page by George Ballantine originally written in 1881 was a work in 1999. The lettertype 'Ballantine' was used as a base for this assignment (of course completely handwritten, the computer does not the trick!).

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Card for Peace Through Understanding, 1988



Notice the A-O-M letters.

With each design i attempt to detect, reveal or create accents / hidden messages.
Magical signs and words translated in everyday forms, and vice-versa.

More examples and recent work are on the Dutch part of this website

Other work examples will be added successively.

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